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Nail Enhancements
Nail Enhancements Nail Enhancements
Full set
French tip
Shellac Acrylic
Color powder
Pink and white
Fill In
Shellac acrylic
Color powder
Nail Enhancements
Regular Mani
Collagen Mani
Spa Mani
Deluxe Mani
Signature Mani
Shellac Mani
Additional Services
Additional Services Additional Services
White tip
Hand polish change
Toe polish change
Gel/ shellac add-on
Shellac polish change
Pedicure Pedicure Pedicure Pedicure
Basic Pedicure
The Classic
In addition to the essential, this pampering service is a great choice to ease your tired feet! We would work in your heels to remove your callus, mud mask, the sugar scrub to exfoliate your dead cells! Extended lotion massage and hot towel to leave your natural skin revealed.
The Deluxe Spa
Start off soaking your feet in sea salt bath to relax your feet! Includes nails and cuticle care, callus treatment, sugar scrub, mud mask then soothing your feet with hot stone massage! Finish with lotion and hot towel wrapped to lock in the ultimate moisture.
The Signature
Pamper your feet and legs with your choice of so many scents 4 steps pedi package
• Step 1: Sea Salt Soak
• Step2 : Scrub To Remove Dead Cells
• Step 3: Mud Mask With Hot Stone Massage
• Step 4: Paraffin Wax with Hot Towel Wrapped
The Volcano
Enjoy our most sensual pedicure experience we have to offer! This includes a volcano pedi box with 5 steps inside and complete with a collagen sock to sooth your heels and keep your skin moisture.
The Country Club all in one
You will never regret when getting this! Pamper your feet and legs in all-natural way! Start off soaking your feet in our favorite scent of sea salt boom bath then a good sugar scrub exfoliation and soothing masque! On top of that, hot stone massage with our special oil cream and paraffin wax, hot towel wrapped! Complete with a pair of collagen socks to keep your heels moisture, smooth and healthier
The Ultimate Jelly Healing
We offer the top of line of pedicure products:
NUSKIN which has an array of benefits! It focuses on softening rough calluses, anti-aging, deep skin exfoliation and hydration. Start off soaking your feet in the thick jelly water with Herbal Mineral Bath that have a combination of 21 herbs can help extract toxins from your skin pores! Follow by an exfoliation with Liquid Body Lufra and Ice Dancer invigorating gel which persistent dry, cracked, red skin! Leaving them feeling silky soft. An all-day moisturizer with BaoBab Body Butter, a brief hot stone massage with a dip in warm paraffin wax is included. Finish with a pair of collagen wrap
Extra Pedicure Service
French / American
Paraffin Wax
Collagen Wrap Shellac
Lip wax
Paraffin wax
Eyebrows wax
Chin wax
Full Face